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What is my Computer/Laptop Worth?

Nothing depreciates faster in value than consumer electronics.  When considering having your computer evaluated or repaired by a computer professional,  it is important to keep in mind the resale value of your system to ensure that you are not wasting money.  Anything is fixable but it is not feasible to spend more fixing something than it is worth.  Here is a rough gauge for 2012 pricing:

Processor Desktop Value(tower only) Laptop Value  
PIII 0 Under $20  
P4, Celeron, Sempron ~$50 ~$50-$100  
Dual Core, Athlon x2 ~$75-$150 ~$125-$175  
Quadcore, Sixcore Current market Current market  

As you can see from the above chart, if you had a P4 computer that developed problems, you could take it to a repair shop and diagnostic fees, labor fees and for parts which could cost over a $100 dollars or you could find another P4 computer on your local craigslist for $50 dollars and add your existing hard drive to that computer as a second hard drive to have all of your files.  This would save you money.  You could also take the money you would have paid the repair shop, add a few more dollars and buy a dual core tower and upgrade to better performance.

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The Most surprising question we ever received: " I don't think I have the right keyboard for the computer.  It is telling me to push any key to continue.  I do not see the 'any' key.  Where is the 'any' key? "

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